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can you beat the machine?

This is a technical test for self-learning AI, starting from the most basic possible game that i can apply it to. The setup here is very simple, but can obviously be easily expanded upon. An AI framework is just the framework, and obviously its functions, input, and output are secondary to how it “thinks”.

This is just a game of rock-paper-scissors. for extra user features, you can change music and background.

Your opponent is an AI. It learns from you. A counter tells you exactly how many games IE cycles of data, have been input into the AIs brain. The more data it has, the more it’s trained against you.

How long can you last here, before this bot has you 100% figured out?

If you change your tactics, how quickly can the bot keep up?

Are you clever enough to beat the crudest, simplest, learning AI that i can currently construct?

(offered free, creative commons attribution)


-theatrical time reduced. matches happen faster now compared to version 1

-playing field improved

-tweaked learning rate a bit, and added a difficulty setting

-added several new backgrounds, and a change background key

-more music tracks added

-volume slider actuated by left-right arrow keys




developer crowdfunding via SUBSCRIBESTAR: https://www.subscribestar.com/err-arachnica


L_RPS_v2.zip 273 MB

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